Haptonomie is an approach
that focuses on - affective
- personal well-being


Haptonomy is an approach that is focused on the individual person on the basis of which an instinctive understanding can be obtained of the way in which a person perceives life and on which motivations his behavior is based. A disturbance of the balance between ‘what we think’ and ‘how we feel’ has a far greater impact on our lives than we normally recognize.


Institute of Haptonomy

The Training Institute of Haptonomy was founded independently by Frans R. Veldman in 1985 after years of training by his father. He followed in his father’s footsteps, the founder of Haptonomy, after finishing medical school and getting a psychology degree.  The trainings- institute is situated in the east of the Netherlands in the historical village of Grave. 


Names and (e-mail)adresses are published wit written consent of the person involved. They serve no other purpose than to informe you where to find a therapist, who has been formed at the W.I.H.. No other use, such as saie etc. is applied.


Training courses

It is necessary to follow a complete training consisting of personal integration in order to professionally guide people in a haptonomic way. This in order to initiate a similar process with patients and also to be able to recognize phenomenon’s that may play a major role within this process. Haptonomy opens up a way of being together in an affective manner.